PRIOR is a travelers’ club for open minds who seek to celebrate culture while preserving the diversity of the planet

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What We Do

PRIOR is a travelers’ club with a library of one-off experiences, journeys, events and parties across the globe. Our Travel Designers provide personalized planning and tailor itineraries according to members’ preferences, taking care of logistics and unlocking access to coveted accommodations, dining experiences, fiestas, and more. As regional and cultural experts, we identify what is unique and authentic about a place, and weave this through every moment of a journey.


Our club’s mission is to celebrate the diverse beauty of the world, including its cultures, traditions, crafts, and natural environments, while safeguarding what makes them unique. This commitment to preserving the rare and at-risk is infused through everything we do.


We design travel experiences that honor local traditions and cultures, working in true collaboration with communities.


Our editorial showcases a cabinet of curiosities telling the stories of vanishing crafts, foods, traditions, and elements of culture in their purest form.


Five percent of our profits are donated to grass-roots organizations dedicated to preserving and maintaining our shared natural and cultural heritage—from disappearing crafts to near-extinct flora to endangered animals.

The Founders

David Prior, Founder and CEO

David Prior headshot Co-Founder and CEO David Prior was formerly Contributing International Editor of Condé Nast Traveler and Contributing Editor at Vogue Living. David was named by Bloomberg Businessweek as “One to Watch” in 2018 as part of the publication’s prestigious Global 50: the people who defined business in 2017.

Marc Blazer, Executive Chairman

Marc Blazer headshot Marc Blazer is the Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of PRIOR and the Chairman and CEO of Overture Holdings, an investment firm with interests in hospitality and consumer businesses. Its holdings include Noma Holdings (parent company of the world-renowned restaurant noma), Le Pain Quotidien and Pilotworks. He is the co-founder of Ahimsa Partners, co-founder of BMB Hospitality BV, and founder of The Guest House Company, a new lodging company. In addition to his business ventures, he is the founder of The MAD Foundation, a non-profit organization focused on “Making a better world through a better meal,” a board member for the Committee of the MAD Symposium, and a member of the Advisory Board of Kopernik.


“The expert in out of the ordinary adventures. PRIOR creates cover-worthy moments for their clients.”

“Everyone can do almost anything—it is all very accessible online—but having someone who knows what they are doing, has great contacts and can guide you so you don’t have a bad day, that is what is more and more valuable.”

“David Prior’s instinct for finding what’s truly special in a place and his vast network of contacts that includes princes and fishermen make him exactly who you want to be traveling with… He draws on his unrivaled little black book of contacts and an uncanny instinct for sussing out unique experiences in any locale.”

“It is almost impossible for me, at 65 years of age, and having traveled everywhere, to get this childlike wonder, and you did that every day.”



What is PRIOR?

We are a travelers’ club that provides a suite of services and one-off experiences. Our members have access to informed, personalized travel planning and exclusive access to PRIOR Club Journeys and private events.

Why should I join PRIOR?

PRIOR is for discerning travelers who share a curiosity about the world and a desire for life-changing experiences. Our club benefits include:

  • Custom itineraries and experiences designed by our regional and cultural specialists
  • Travel arrangements and bookings, and 24/7 support while you travel
  • Insight from an extended network of experts across the globe
  • Access to coveted hotels and properties of consistency and character
  • Unrivaled restaurant access and classic food-culture knowledge
  • Upgrades and perks where possible at selected hotels and partners
  • A calendar of original and inspiring events, dinners, and talks around the globe

How much does an annual membership cost?

Our annual membership rate is $2500 and is applied as a 10% credit towards your travel for the year. This rate unlocks all the benefits listed above, and there is no initiation fee.

What types of trips can PRIOR help me plan?

Versatility is one of our primary strengths. We can accommodate any group size, budget, and destination. Our portfolio of accommodations ranges from private homes and B&Bs, to country estates and palace hotels. We work with our members to arrange anything from weekend getaways to intricate month-long journeys.

Is PRIOR a concierge service?

We are not a concierge, we’re a collaborator. We work with our members to create complete, customized itineraries with an emphasis on meaningful, holistic experiences. Our personalized advice on local sights, restaurants, shopping, and more is part and parcel of the trip-planning process, as is our ability to secure reservations and make invaluable connections and introductions.

When should I contact you to plan my next trip?

It’s never too soon to start planning your trip. In fact, the earlier we can start making arrangements—especially for peak seasons such as June, August, December and January, and any specific events you wish to attend—the more options we’ll be able to present.