A land renowned for its love of color and frequent fiestas, Mexico is a thrilling tapestry of Mesoamerican cultures, Spanish traditions and contemporary flair. Culturally, its lively festivals reflect a historic merging of faiths, most famously at the Día de los Muertos ceremony, while its psychical charms span white sands, jungle highlands, archaeological wonders and deserts punctuated by tequila- and mezcal-yielding cactus and agave. With connections to expert guides and local personalities, PRIOR designs journeys the blend the timeless and the timely throughout the breadth of the country.

Our Favorite Experiences

Old and New Mexico

Delve into the heart of Mexico City’s artistic and culinary vanguard and discover the country’s colonial and pre-Hispanic history in nearby Puebla City. Begin your trip in the nation’s capital, where PRIOR provides coveted access to touchstone cultural institutions and restaurants.

Take a curatorial tour of Júmex Museum, the largest private contemporary art collection in Latin America, and a guided visit of the great halls of Aztec and Mayan antiquities at the Museum of Anthropology before opening hours. We also arrange seats at restaurants that have redefined modern Mexican cuisine with creative menus built on seasonal native produce.

Venture beyond to Puebla City for a showcase of historical sites including houses covered in azulejos (tiles) and grand Baroque architecture, as well as San Andres Cholula, the ruins of what was once Mexico’s largest pyramid.

Why Don't You

Follow Mexico’s tequila trail to the agave plantations of Jalisco and explore the leafy boulevards and colonial mansions of nearby Guadalajara.

Walk through La Casa Azul, the childhood home of Frida Kahlo, with an art historian to learn about its collection of paintings, jewellery, Tehuana dresses and memorabilia.

Find your bliss among surfers and tacos carts on the long golden beaches of the little-developed Oaxacan coastline.

Chiapas & Yucatán

Discover the dense rainforests, colonial architecture and enduring Maya culture of the Mexican states of Chiapas and Yucatán. Begin in Chiapas, boating through 3000-foot cannons in the Grijalva River among crocodiles and tropical birds, exploring the historic buildings and markets of San Cristobal de las Casas, and trekking through the jungle-covered Maya ruins of Palenque.

Fly onwards to the town of Mérida, whose avenues are lined with exquisite 19th century mansions, and dine at nearby Hacienda Xocnaceh for a private meal among its chapel’s ruins. In nearby Yaxunah, visit a small community where millennia-old Maya practices continue in daily life, and prepare a traditional lunch with locals and learn about the importance and varieties of maize.

See the mighty pyramid of Chichen Itza and head to Xocempich to swim in an exclusive cenote (natural swimming hole) on the ruins of a storied private ranch and lunch beneath its magnificent trees.

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