While Andalusia showcases Spain at its most fiercely Spanish, Feria sees the region capital of Seville at its most exuberant. Experience the very best of the legendary celebration and Andalusia during one of PRIOR’s two Club Journeys in the region.

A festival whose origins can be traced back centuries, Feria sees Seville explode in a riot of flamenco, traditional regalia and private parties fueled by tapas of jamón ibérico and Manzanilla sherry. PRIOR members enjoy the rarest and most exclusive access to the festival, typically strictly the preserve of locals. Join us in our private candy-striped caseta to dance and drink among the stylish sevillanos at Spain’s most joyful and colorful fiesta.

The week-long journey also includes a visit to a farm where jamón ibérico is produced, a tour through the seafood market and tapas taverns of ancient Cadíz, and a private visit to a one-time palace. PRIOR also arranges a dinner at Casa Palacio Bailen in Seville, a jamón tasting in Sierra de Huelva, and lunch at one of Spain’s most highly regarded sherry vineyards.

Prior Pillars


With a history tracing back centuries, the Feria parade sees vintage carriages drawn by exquisite Spanish stallions, their riders in wide-brimmed hats, and beautifully dressed flamenco dancers.


Join Anthony Reid Mora-Figueroa at the Feria, who’s aristocratic background lands him among the privileged few with access to the inner casetas of the fair.


Stroll with locals to traditional tapas bars for local specialties like creamy salmorejo soup, fresh boquerones (white anchovies) and thin slices of jamón ibérico de Huelva.


Corral del Rey, located in the heart of Seville’s old quarter, barrio Alfalfa, is a meticulously restored 17th-century palace house with marble columns and Mudejar wooden doorways.


Venture past the cellar doors of a sherry bodega in Jerez de la Frontera to explore its barrel-lined soleras and taste the region’s finest oloroso and Manzanilla.


Visit a farm in Sierra de Huelva where pigs are reared on rolling hills dotted with oak and cork trees producing the acorns that give Ibérico jamón its uniquely nutty flavor.