See India at the very heart of its most colorful during Holi. Normally flanked by exuberant blush-colored buildings, the streets of Jaipur take on an explosion of vibrant magenta, indigo, jade green, and tomato red tones during this ritual dusting of everyone and everything with powdered dyes.

As personal guests of the Maharaja and the SUJÁN Rajmahal Palace, PRIOR members can experience Holi as only Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Princess Diana have. We’ll enjoy a morning concert and blessing at the Govind Dev Ji temple, a party with the royal family, and an exclusive dinner within the iconic City Palace.

In between Holi parties, we’ll tour the city, watch a polo match from the royal family’s private box, and take private appointments with Jaipur’s most skilled fabric makers and craftspeople. In the evenings, we’ll dine with some of the city’s most prominent residents.

Overall, this week in Jaipur, also known as the Pink City, is a deep dive into a regal India during its peak festival.

Contact us at or phone our New York City office on +1 (212) 619 0352 to learn more.

Prior Pillars


Attend a Holi party at the City Palace, as guests of the royal family. That evening, dine at the City Palace, a rare privilege.


Private appointments in Jaipur’s jewelry and fabric ateliers Jaipur is known as the atelier of India; there is a deep and rich tradition of jewelry and fabric-making and craftsmanship in this extravagant city. We’ll visit with some of its most skilled artisans.


First-ever played in Iran in the 6th century BC, the game of polo that we know today comes from India. Watch a match from the royal family’s private box.


We’ll stay at the SUJÁN Rajmahal Palace, which has hosted Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh. See if you can spot all 47 different kinds of wallpaper used throughout the Art Deco property.


We’ll dine in the homes of some of Jaipur’s most distinguished residents and discover firsthand India’s incredibly rich and diverse food culture.


Do as the locals do and don white pajamas, arm yourselves with a rainbow palette of dyes, and, very simply, play.