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    Day of the Dead in Oaxaca

    4 nights | October 29 - November 2, 2021

    Join PRIOR as we celebrate Día de los Muertos in one of the world’s great food and craft capitals, Oaxaca. Each year, the streets burst to life with chains of orange marigolds, elaborate candle-lit altars, stalls bearing the season’s signature dishes, and a carnival of costumed parades. Both spiritual and celebratory, the multi-day festival is a beautifully moving showcase of Mexican culture that combines color, craft and cuisine.

    In 2021, we will experience it firsthand with the families, artisans and chefs keeping its traditions alive. Participate in mole and chocolate making, attend workshops with Oaxacan ceramicists, weavers and papermakers, and create an altar with a local artist to honor those who have passed.

    PRIOR has fully reserved the city’s finest boutique hotel, Escondido Oaxaca, to serve as our clubhouse for our stay, and we will dine at star chef Enrique Olvera’s restaurant Criollo during a private party with artists and musicians.

    To continue our support of Oaxacan arts, PRIOR is creating a fund to bring five young artists to the US the following year to showcase their work during a brief residency, in collaboration with local institutions MACO, CASA, IAGO, and OaxacaCine.

    Trip Highlights

    Día De Los Muertos

    Be welcomed into the homes of families as they prepare altars for the festival and step into the workspaces of artists as they create elaborate ofrendas for the event.


    Celebrate Día de Los Muertos as caravans are drawn through the streets, cemeteries come to life with festoons of marigolds and candle-lit altars, and locals parade through the streets in full regalia.

    Heritage Hotels

    PRIOR members will stay in Oaxaca’s newest boutique accommodation, Escondido Oaxaca, a stylishly restored 19th-century heritage manor combining Old World architecture with modern grandeur.


    Shop for the region’s distinctive handcrafts and folk art visiting artisan workshops and city markets where exquisite textiles and ceramics showcase indigenous techniques handed down over generations.


    Make the season’s signature dish, mole negro, during a hands-on cooking class and experience star chef Enrique Olvera’s ingenious take on Oaxacan cuisine during a dinner party at his restaurant Criollo.


    Oaxaca is the only place on earth where it’s possible to taste the true depth and diversity of mezcal—see how it’s produced in a distillery and sample its finest varieties at a local mezcalería.

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    Day of the Dead in Oaxaca
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