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    Tartufo! A Fall Weekend with Massimo Bottura

    Join Massimo Bottura and Lara Gilmore for an autumnal weekend with a generous shaving of truffle.

    Parmigiano, balsamico, prosciutto… and tartufo! Join Massimo Bottura and Lara Gilmore for an autumnal weekend with a generous shaving of truffle. Across three days in November we will celebrate the varied harvest of the Emilia Romagna region, taste fresh black truffles in the Apennine hills, and taste the prized delicacy in Massimo’s own creations prepared exclusively for PRIOR at Osteria Francescana.

    Our clubhouse for the weekend is the couple’s beautifully restored, art-filled villa Casa Maria Luigia, just outside of Massimo’s hometown of Modena. The chef will walk us through the town’s food market to explain how an autumnal bounty of chestnuts, mushrooms, quince, pumpkin and truffles underscore the season’s dishes, before we learn the secrets of cucina emiliana during a private cooking lesson and meal at the villa with our hosts.

    Beyond Modena, we’ll meet Italy’s finest makers of prosciutto di Parma, parmigiano Reggiano and balsamico di Modena, tasting the very best in class, and venture to the nearby cities of Parma and Bologna to explore their artistic, architectural and cultural glories.

    Come along with an intimate group of PRIOR members for a deep dive into Emilia Romagna in autumn through the eyes, palate and plate of the “Fellini of food.” Contact us at or phone our New York City office on +1 (212) 619 0352 for more information.

    Trip Highlights


    Massimo Bottura and his partner Lara Gilmore are individually two of the food world’s most beloved identities. Together they are the couple behind the astonishing success of Osteria Francescana, famed not only for Massimo’s dishes but also Lara’s hospitality.


    The region of Emilia Romagna is often absent from travel itineraries, but during the weekend PRIOR will showcase the autumnal produce, products and charms of what is one of Italy’s most underrated, beautiful and historically rich areas.


    Forage for truffles in the Apennine hills with veteran hunters whose families have unearthed the prized delicacy for generations before visiting a rustic pizzeria where fresh truffle is generously shaved over your meal.


    The venue for our Nomadic Clubhouse will be Casa Maria Luigia, Massimo and Lara’s beautifully restored, art-filled villa in the countryside surrounding Modena.


    The weekend culminates in a takeover of the current “world’s best restaurant,” with Bottura and the Francescana team opening the cellar and serving the meals that have won them such worldwide acclaim.


    Venture behind the scenes of one of opera’s spiritual homes, the extraordinary Teatro Comunale Luciano Pavarotti—dedicated to Modena’s other favorite son—followed by an aperitivo with local lambrusco.

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    Tartufo! A Fall Weekend with Massimo Bottura
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