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    Chilean Eclipse

    13 Nights | December 7 — 20, 2020

    Venture to PRIOR’s purpose-built camp in Chile’s volcano-strewn Araucanía lakes region to observe a total solar eclipse. In one of nature’s rarest and most brilliant displays, the moon’s shadow will sweep across the ranges and plunge the surrounding landscape into minutes of darkness. We provide private access to a remote viewing observatory with outstanding views to the celestial phenomena and the nearby Quetrupillán and Lanín volcanoes.

    The two-week journey is bookended with an expedition through the national parks and ranching outposts of Patagonia at the southern reaches of the Andes, and an exploration of the moonscape plateaus of the Atacama Desert to the north. You’ll ride alongside South American cowboys, see glacial lakes and mountain ranges, and experience the full splendor of Chile’s diverse landscapes.

    Trip Highlights


    Historic villages are dotted throughout the Atacama Desert, including Chiu-Chiu, a former trading hub with a 17th-century adobe church made of mud and cactus wood.


    Meet Chilean gaucho cattlemen in a remote ranch and ride through the Patagonian landscape alongside an expert horseman.

    Food & Drink

    Experience a traditional asado (barbecue), a cornerstone of Chilean culinary culture, and drink wines from the vineyards of the Casablanca Valley.


    Stay in a private villa inspired by traditional ranching outposts with astonishing views of the Patagonian landscape.


    Enjoy a sundowner by Tebinquinche Lagoon overlooking the wind-carved dunes and moonscape salt flats of the Atacama Desert.


    Witness the solar eclipse in its totality at a private observatory with views to the Quetrupillan and Lanin volcanoes.

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