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    Hindsight in 2020

    Why PRIOR is taking a hard look at the future of travel…

    Late last year, outlets across the globe—from lifestyle glossies to policy-wonk newsletters—ran with the headline “2020 Vision.” With reality offering up such a perfect play on words, who could blame them? It was an opportunity to expound on what the next decade would hold—though in truth there were few surprises; most of those voices cited trends and movements that were either nascent or already in motion.

    Then 2020 itself arrived. Setting off with a literal blaze, bushfires raged across Australia and the country became a continental-sized canary in the coal mine for climate change. Then the virus, at first as far off as a rumor but then terrifyingly real, it began to gather pace and one by one knocked over countries creating a downward spiral of public health and economic devastation. And from that spiral emerged the most significant cultural shift in a generation, Black Lives Matter. With shocking power and speed, the confluence of these events has toppled established institutions and shifted long held perspectives. It has shaken us all awake.

    As we move past 2020’s halfway point, it’s nearly impossible not to reflect on how we arrived at this moment. My conclusion: we have to acknowledge, starting now, that it is crucial to flip the perspective from 2020 vision to 2020 hindsight. We need to look at what is broken and should be torn down, what should be cherished and celebrated and how we articulate and shape our vision for travel in the future.

    Our team has chosen this time and this year—a period that can be fairly described by many as the most challenging of our lifetimes—to flip that notion on its head and embrace it as a moment of inflection.

    With this in mind, we at PRIOR are looking at the world around us with a new perspective and an emboldened point of view. There was a taste of what’s to come in last month’s The Issue of Venice, namely a critical eye and an honest voice in tandem with a celebration of the places and people that inspire us. Each week over the coming months, we’ll take a look at a specific issue, theme or aspect of the culture of travel in an effort to challenge the status quo, inspire conversation, engage with our community, and hopefully at times entertain.

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