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    Insider Aperitivo

    …whereby a handful of locals genuinely in the know divulge their favorite addresses for La Serenissima’s time-honored cocktail-hour tradition, along with choice nibbles and libations. Cin cin!

    Georges Desrues (@georges_desrues) is a Trieste-based food writer.

    “For me it’s always Harry’s Bar for a negroni and croques monsieurs. If I’m in the mood for wine, I go to Cantine del Vino Già Schiavi for a glass of soave and tartina di baccalà—standing at the bar, of course.”

    Chiaratella Cattana’s (@chiarastellacattana) textile designs, sold in her shop on the Salizzada San Samuele, celebrate centuries-old Venetian weaving traditions.

    “I love going for a glass of wine or organic prosecco at Vino Vero—their wine list has over 600 labels of natural, organic and biodynamic wine; I’m partial to Palistorti, a red from Tenuta di Valgiano. Vino Vero also does amazing cicchetti: fig mustard with goat gorgonzola, robiola with goose and red fruits, little pieces of octopus with hummus. Divine.

    And my new place is the ECC at Palazzo Experimental. I tried—and loved—the Ponte Lungo cocktail, which is made with Cachaca, Moscato d’Asti, fennel syrup and lime juice.”

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    Third-generation restaurateur Raffaele Alajmo (@raf_alajmo) is the man behind the restoration of the Gran Caffé e Ristorante Quadri on St Mark’s Square.

    “I am a real gin martini lover. Besides our Venice restaurants, Gran Caffè & Ristorante Quadri and AMO, you can find me at Harry’s Bar for a chilled Martini shot and Arrigo’s polpettine, which arrive hot from the kitchen. Or I’ll go to Bar Longhi inside the Gritti Palace where servers arrive with a martini cart and prepare your cocktail tableside. You can choose your poison from a grand selection of gins and vodkas and they use all-natural, uncoated lemons from Sorrento for their twists. And be sure to ask for their black olives.”

    Cookbook author and newspaper columnist Skye McAlpine (@skyemcalpine) lives between London and Venice, where she grew up.

    “I love All’Arco for the bustle and standing at the bar, and for their excellent cicchetti—ham and carmelized onions, fresh shrimp from the lagoon on crostini with arugula. If I want a gorgeous view of San Giorgio I’ll go to Bar Angio’ on the Riva. And my local, for something easy but delicious, is Pasticceria Rio Marin in San Polo. It’s a really sweet, family-run bar on a sleepy little canal. My go-to drink anywhere is a San Bitter (non-alcoholic) with lots of ice, a green olive and a slice of orange. And I’ve got a real soft spot for crostini alla mortadella.”

    Alma Zevi (@almazevi) opened her contemporary art gallery in Venice in 2016.

    “My default is Cantine del Vino Già Schiavi—good wine and amazingly inventive cicchetti, and a relaxed vibe overlooking a small canal in Dorsoduro. When Katy Stubbs came to be artist in residence at my gallery, she fell in love with the cicchetti at Schiavi—so much so they inspired her to make some of her own in ceramics.

    For something a bit more celebratory, it’s Palazzo Experimental, for great cocktails overlooking the Giudecca Canal in summer, and cosy evenings in their tiny, atmospheric bar in winter.”

    Viola (@lolaarrivabene) and Vera Arrivabene (@veraarrivabene) are the force behind the heritage accessories brand ViBi Venezia (@vibivenezia).

    “For our favourite martini, it’s Harry’s Dolci on Giudecca, overlooking the whole of Venice. Sunset is the time to go; make sure you get there around 19:30.

    Closer to home, we do an Aperol Spritz at Naranzaria, our favorite childhood place, just under the Ponte di Rialto and next to the mercato del pesce, right on the Grand Canal.

    The White Spritz at Gelateria da Nico is great—and it’s a great sunset place too, overlooking the Giudecca Island. And for the perfect glass or bottle of wine, it’s always Cantina di Vini Già Schiavi, in a tiny calle next to the Accademia. This is real Venetian charm.”

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