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    Perennial Provincetown

    PRIOR spends a quiet month in one of America’s most quintessential seaside towns.

    On the eastern edge of America, the bohemian, quaint and sometimes bacchanalian seaside village of Provincetown has long been a perennial seaside escape for both New Englanders and those chasing that elusive Cape Cod light.

    Home to more same-sex couples, on a per-capita basis, than anywhere in the United States, Provincetown has long been a destination, and home, for queer people, but remains open and inclusive of all. During “the season,” the town heaves with families, partygoers, fishermen, sun-seeking daytrippers and drag queens alike.

    However, this season has been different. PRIOR spent June in the town famous for its tight-knit community, outsize cultural influence and the pride its residents take in their gardens. We watched as those famous front yards of the shingle-wrapped whaling cottages came to life, from the first lily of the valley to fragrant, wild seaside roses and now exuberant hydrangeas. Those signs of life are the most vivid so far this year, but 2020’s dearth of visitors allowed us to appreciate even more the natural beauty and patina in anticipation of next year, when those seeking freedom of expression under the Cape Cod sun will surely return—heels and all.

    Caption below

    Captain Jack’s Wharf—Provincetown’s most ramshackle yet charming accommodation. A collection of individual, entirely unique cabins, cobbled together on a legendary pier where it is said that Tennessee Williams wrote The Glass Menagerie. We’re not sure about that claim, like we’re not sure about bars where “Hemmingway was here,” but the place certainly has storybook quality.

    Captions below in order from left to right

    A sphere of rhododendrons

    A wisteria lined beach path

    A legacy of the whaling industry is the strong Portuguese influence that remains in the town particularly in its still vibrant fishing industry

    Captions below in order from left to right

    Hope for good weather and warm water

    The secret gardens which may obscure the home of a world famous writer, artist or wit

    Lighthouse at the tip of the Cape

    Captions below in order from left to right

    The jetty ladder to Jack’s Wharf, a wading in point when the tide is high

    The perfumier that bottles the fragrance of wild roses and salt air will become rich

    A dune with a view

    Captions below in order from left to right

    There is a generosity of spirit in P’town that sees residents create everchanging vignettes for passersby

    Hydrangeas in bloom

    P’town’s postcard familiar house, a symbol of the Fourth of July

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