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    Future Feasts

    A few of our favorite cooks share what they’ll be making for next year’s holiday table — when we can all gather again.

    Let’s just skip ahead to the 2021 holiday season, shall we? We asked some of our favorite chefs and cookbook authors to sketch out their visions for future feasts. Here are the menus they plan to serve when they can gather loved ones around their tables again.

    Aran Goyoaga, food stylist and author of Canelle et Vanille and the new Canelle et Vanille Notes

    Photo courtesy of Aran Goyoaga.

    “My aunt passed away four days ago, and it was tradition in our family to make her ensaladilla rusa (Russian salad). I used to make it with her when I was a kid and I still make it every Christmas, along with my mom’s fish soup.”

    Aran's holiday menu.

    Carla Lalli Music, host of Carla’s Cooking Show and author of Where Cooking Begins

    Carla Lalli Music. Photo by Gentl and Hyers.

    “Cooking many dishes in succession over a live fire is my favorite thing to do, and bringing people around a hearth really warms up the party vibes. I can’t wait to let some light back in next year.”

    Carla's holiday menu.

    Jess Shadbolt, Clare De Boer and Annie Shi, King

    Jess Shadbolt, Clare De Boer and Annie Shi. Photo courtesy of King.

    The dining room of this snug restaurant in New York’s SoHo is the perfect size for a King family celebration. Chefs Jess Shadbolt and Clare De Boer compiled their holiday menu with rustic generosity in mind, from bowls of peel-your-own roast chestnuts and platters of gougères with white truffles to a cassoulet that’s days in the making. Partner and GM Annie Shi brings her considerable wine expertise to the table with French selections that include a PRIOR favorite, Bandol Tempier Rouge.

    Jess, Clare and Annie's holiday menu.

    Liz Prueitt, co-founder, Tartine Bakery, author of Tartine: A Classic Revisited and Tartine All Day

    Liz Prueitt. Photo by Aya Brackett.

    “My menu comes from my love of the sea and nature, as well as the theater of dining — seeing the juices of an oyster bubbling in its shell over a flame and the pine needles catching fire that cook and smoke the éclade. It’s the part of a group experience that we’ve been missing for so long. This is an ode to literally breaking bread again and cooking with each other, and the warmth, nostalgia, fun, and romance of the outdoors.”

    Liz's holiday menu.
    Christine Muhlke

    Christine Muhlke is a food consultant and writer currently based in Woodstock, NY. A former editor at The New York Times and Bon Appétit and the founder of the Xtine newsletter, she has written books with chefs Eric Ripert of Le Bernardin, David Kinch of Manresa and Eric Werner of Hartwood Tulum. Her most recent books include Wine Simple with Le Bernardin’s Aldo Sohm and Signature Dishes That Matter.

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