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    Tin Town

    Lisbon’s top purveyors of eels, cockles, roe and other wonders of the Atlantic.

    Conserveira de Lisboa

    Conserveira de Lisboa

    This third-generation family-run store, founded in 1930, is the oldest canned fish shop in Lisbon. It looks like an apothecary inside, with wooden interiors, but their shelves are exclusively devoted to preserving and selling their three canned labels: Tricana, Minor and Prata do Mar. Here shopkeepers hand-wrap the cans in paper and tie the packages with colored twine. Conserveira de Lisboa has two other locations in Lisbon: Mercado da Ribeira and São Bento.

    Location: Rua dos Bacalhoeiros, 34 (Baixa)

    Loja das Conservas

    Loja das Conservas

    Every major tinned fish manufacturer in Portugal is represented in this walk-in grocery, which opened in 2013. Lining the walls are shelves stacked with rows of sardines, octopus and mussels, packaged in shiny tins that are categorized by company logos. They also sell eel, trout, anchovy and octopus, as well as the famous La Gondola sardines millésimées, which are marinated in olive oil for one year before going to the market — their flavor improves with ageing because of the oil maturation.

    Location: Rua do Arsenal, 130 (Baixa)

    A Vida Portuguesa
    ## A Vida Portuguesa

    Pans, knives, brooms, ceramics, fabrics, stationery, soaps — and, of course, tinned fish — are among the everyday items that former journalist Catarina Portas has rescued from oblivion and put on sale in her A Vida Portuguesa shops — all made in Portugal. A wide variety of conservas from brands like José Gourmet, Tricana, Minerva or Tenório can be found here.

    Location: Rua Anchieta, 11 (Chiado)

    Dois Dedos de Conserva

    Dois Dedos de Conserva

    This tiny shop opened in March 2019 in the family district of Alvalade and it’s the place to go to find conservas of ventresca (white belly tuna from The Azores), mackerel roe, sardines in spicy tomato, mussels in escabeche, and many more from brands like Naval, Cocagne, Minerva or Pescarias do Algarve. Tea, sausages, jams, olive oils and wines are also on sale.

    Location: Rua Acácio Paiva, 6C (Alvalade)

    Comida Independente

    Comida Independente

    Offering a variety of organic Portuguese wines all made by small producers, Comida Independente is also one of a small and select group of shops to still sell quality sausages and chorizo. Alongside the wines check out the Portuguese charcuterie selection, muxama (tuna ham), butter from Ilha do Pico, and quince marmalade. But, saving the best for last, you can’t leave without picking up some ovas de sardinha, or sardine roe, the so-called “Portuguese caviar”.

    Location: Rua Cais do Tojo, 28 (Santos)

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